TUSC anti-cuts campaigners contesting this month’s local election have launched an election video.


14 anti-cuts candidates are standing every ward in Portsmouth under the banner of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC.)

The film, featuring anti-cuts candidates and supporters, is presented by Sean Hoyle, RMT union organizer and candidate for Eastney & Craneswater.

TUSC candidates pledge to:

  • Oppose all cuts & stop the sell-off of our public services
  • Present a ‘Needs Budget’ which creates employment and defends services
  • Support ‘Rebel Councilors’ in Southampton, Hull and elsewhere who have opposed cuts
  • Take a workers’ wage. Oppose lavish expenses and political corruption
  • Fight Zero-Hour Contracts: Stop the exploitation of young people
  • Fight for a living wage for all workers, wherever they are from
  • Bring the Dockyard under public ownership to save jobs

Follow the campaign at @TUSCPompey