TUSCPortsmouthEvery voter in Portsmouth will have the opportunity to vote against cuts on May 22nd. 14 candidates from community campaigns, the RMT union and the city’s socialist parties are standing together as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC). TUSC will stand hundreds of candidates across the country, representing the largest left-of-Labour challenge since 1945.

Only TUSC candidates have pledged to oppose all cuts to our vital public services. Neither Labour or UKIP represent an alternative to Coalition cuts. We’re standing because if working people want an alternative to austerity, we have to do it ourselves.



TUSC Candidates pledge to:

  • Oppose all cuts & stop the sell off of our public services
  • Present a ‘Needs Budget’ which creates employment and defends services
  • Support Councillors in Southampton, Hull and elsewhere who have opposed cuts
  • To take a workers’ wage. Oppose lavish expenses and political corruption
  • Fight Zero-Hour Contracts: Stop the exploitation of young people
  • Fight for a £11 an hour minimum wage
  • Fight for Rent controls
  • Bring the Dockyard under public ownership to defend jobs
  • End the exploitation of Eastern European seafarers in our port

“We’re not just calling people to vote against cuts on May 22nd,” said Andy Waterman, Socialist Party member. “We’re saying that the alternative to austerity starts with you.”


Full Candidates List:Rmt Protest

  • John Pickett: Fratton
  • Sean Hoyle: Eastney and Craneswater
  • Ben Norman: Copnor
  • Andy Waterman: St. Judes
  • Adrian Lavin: St Thomas
  • Brian Dolley: Hilsea
  • Wendy Hamm: Baffins
  • Dan Sutton-Johansson: Central Southsea
  • Stewart Hurdle: Paulsgrove
  • Adi Graham: Cosham
  • Paul Smith: Charles Dickens
  • Simon Wade: Drayton and Farlington
  • Doug Willis: Milton
  • Gordon Spellman: Nelson

Follow the campaign @TUSCPompey or contact: TUSC.Portsmouth@gmail.com