RMT Protest

The branch supported City Link workers protesting at Palmerston Road this weekend to highlight attacks against pay and working conditions.

The protest, organised by the RMT, took place outside of John Lewis, one of many high street stores which use City Link for deliveries.

The protest follows the collapse of negotiations between union representatives and City Link’s new private equity owners, Better Capital.

“Staff face pay cuts of up to £4000, enforced overtime, the axing of the bonus scheme and changes to travel arrangements that will leave them further out of pocket,” said Sean Hoyle, RMT Council of Executives. “This is an important campaign against companies who think they can treat workers like dirt.”

In a statement the union claimed that the change of ownership is being used as an excuse by City Link management to “bulldoze through changes to contracts that would hammer down pay in the interests of profit.”

To bring the company back to the negotiating table the union will be expanding the campaign with protests planned across the country from Guildford to Milton Keynes, Coventry and Norwich.