The Portsmouth branch of the socialist party are proud to announce the publication of a new pamphlet by our very own John Pickett: “A Movement of our Own: Building an Independent Party of the British Working class.”

The pamphlet explores how the road to building a workers’ party is one well travelled and strewn with political wreckage. From the Independent Labour Party of Keir Hardie, to the Socialist Labour Party of James Connolly, the British Communist Party of Willie Gallacher and the rise of new workers’ parties in Europe today, John draws on the defining moments of our movement’s history to show that it isn’t enough to call for a party which represents working people; the true task is to help build a party which is owned by working people.

Copies are available for £3 and will soon be available in E-version. To request copies for your branch, or to invite John to speak, contact:

 TUSC Pamphlet