Anger against Blairite ‘traitors’ sweeps Portsmouth Momentum

"All is forgiven!" So claimed Christine Shawcroft, a Labour NEC member, when asked for her message to the 172 MPs who had declared 'no confidence' in Jeremy Corbyn. It was not the answer the 90 Momentum supporters packed into a standing-room-only meeting...
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TUSC Election Broadcast: 100 MP Candidates

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing over 100 anti-cuts community candidates, the largest left-of-Labour challenge in a hundred years. On Friday 17th April, 5.55pm, TUSC will have it's first national Party Political Broadcast. This will be...
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Alienation and Austerity Lay Behind Portsmouth’s Jihadis

Nineteen year old Mehdi Hassan has become the latest young Muslim from Portsmouth to be killed in Syria. Part of the self-proclaimed 'Al-Britaini Brigade Bangladeshi Bad Boys', Hassan is one of six Portsmouth men known to have joined the salafist extremists of ISIS...
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Cuts Consensus: Labour Joins With UKIP to Back Tory Council in Portsmouth

Any allusions in the anti-establishment credentials of Portsmouth’s new UKIP Councillors were swiftly dashed after they joined forces with New Labour and the Conservatives to support the newly installed Tory minority council. Last month’s election results left the...
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Pompey TUSC Break the Cuts Consensus at Leaders’ Debate

Cuts to education, zero hour contracts and the loss of over 900 dockyard jobs; these were just three of the issues about which local leaders from the big three parties showed themselves to be in complete consensus during a debate organised by The News. Representing...
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What a fantastic weekend at Socialism 2017. Thanks to all who came and took part. Special thanks to all the regional organisers, selling tickets, organising transport, driving and helping with the flat tyre! Special thanks as always to all the donations that helped us reach £42 000. If you haven't donated please do before the end of the campaign. Lots of new people came and seven have joined in the region so far from Oxford, Reading, Portsmouth, Southampton and the IOW. We now have our own district events coming up in Southampton on Sunday 3 December and Bracknell on Sunday 10 December. Look forward to seeing you all there.

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Socialism 2017: weekend of discussion and debate

November 11, 2017, 1:00pm - November 12, 2017, 5:00pm

SOCIALISM 2017 – IDEAS TO CHANGE THE WORLD #1917Socialism2017 #Socialism17 #1917Revolution2017 #socialism1917-2017 Socialism 2017 is a weekend of political discussion and debate on ideas - socialist ideas to build a wall of resistance against Trump and the 1% and change the world. It is proudly hosted by the Socialist Party and open to everyone who wants to see change to this unequal crisis-ridden world. Socialism 2017 will bring together working class fighters, trade unionists and youth and student activists, anti-cuts campaigners, those who are curious about socialism and Marxism, and people who want to change the world. Over the years our fantastic line-ups of keynote speakers have included Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary and former editor of Militant; Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary and author of Socialism in the 21st Century; Kshama Sawant, outspoken socialist councillor in Seattle and a leader in the fight for $15/hr min wage and now in the movement against Trump; Juan Ignacio Ramos, general secretary of Izquierda Revolucionaria; Anna Palumbo, leading tenant activist in the successful campaign to stop evictions in Butterfields, east London and many trade union leaders, anti-cuts campaigners and many more. Before his untimely death Bob Crow, former general secretary of the RMT was a frequent speaker. One theme of the weekend will be the question of uniting the workers’ and socialist movement internationally to build a powerful force that is capable of changing the world. International speakers and visitors from the Socialist Party’s sister parties in the Committee for a Workers’ international will attend. The CWI is in the process of unifying with Izquierda Revolucionaria on the basis of Marxist ideas. At Socialism 2017 we will discuss the Russian Revolution 100 years ago. 1917 provides a powerful example of how it is possible for the working class and poor to take their destiny into their own hands and transform the world. We will be discussing the impact of the revolution, including on women’s rights, on art and technology, on people’s lives all across the world and also why the Soviet Union degenerated into dictatorship. But Socialism 2017 will not be a history lesson! It is focused on the burning questions our movements face. How can we kick out the Tories? Can Jeremy Corbyn win? What role can workers and young people play in changing the world? Do we need parties? What about terrorism? How can we defeat racism, sexism, homophobia? Protectionism and free trade; What do socialists say about Brexit? Building solidarity, defending refugees, fighting deportations; The working class, the gig economy and technology; The NHS and the battle against privatisation; Crisis in trade unionism – can they turn left? Environmental crisis in the age of Trump; and more! There will be a special course of bitesize meetings for school students if they wish to attend. If you would like to get a ticket for Socialism 2017, or for more info, you can call our office on 020 8988 9777 or go to our website You can book a ‘Golden’ ticket which includes accommodation at a hostel nearby or free accommodation which may be on a floor/sofa. We offer a free crèche. Get in touch if you have any questions. Online booking is available for 2017 now – there is a 20% discount currently available and special offers for students and school students

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The Socialist Party does not have wealthy backers. We rely on donations from people like you to continue the work we do.

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Socialist Party meeting in Portsmouth -

.@TUSCPompey @SocialistPompey to get you in the mood for Thur check out video from Still The Enemy Within premiere

Irish @SocialistParty TD @RuthCoppingerTD fresh from mass non payment campaign in Ireland at #Socialism2014 rally

Following #Socialism2014 debate on role of the state, read about Larkin's class appeal to the police:

Can working people build a political movement of our own? Read John Pickett's excellent pamphlet:


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